• Alarm Placing: The rules of the game are

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  • Alarm Placing: The rules of the game are

    As the owner of an alarm system, you have to respect certain rules. Although you may install an alarm system yourself, this is best done by a recognized security company. You can recognize them by the recognition number assigned by the Federal Public Service Home Affairs.

    Online declaration

    If your alarmsysteem is not connected to an alarm center, you must report it to the online alarm center. By alarm centre we mean the centre where operators intervene when your alarm goes off: they send intervention services, warn the fire brigade or technical services depending on the alarm signal, ... . You can report the incident within ten days after it has been put into operation via the website of Police On Web. If you do subscribe to an alarm centre, that centre will take care of the report.
    Mandatory annual maintenance

    Each installation requires mandatory annual maintenance. You may do this yourself or leave it to a recognised security company. With a maintenance contract you can be sure that the installation always works as it should.
    What if you move house?

    As a tenant of a house with an alarm system, you are obliged to log off the alarm system yourself when you move house. The new tenant must re-register the alarm system. These rules also apply to those who sell their home.

    Installation and setup

    The Verisure system is always set in motion by a professional installer. Now, just to speak of an alarm system is a bit short. Verisure has already made the choice for several years to incorporate extra functionality for the home in their system.

    So not just window or door contacts, sirens and a photo detector to deter thieves. But also sensors, smoke detectors and smart plugs (smart switches) that allow you to switch socket outlets on or off remotely.

    All these devices are part of our demo kit. The motor of the Verisure system forms a main unit, the VBox, which communicates wirelessly with all components. This central unit is standard

    connected to the alarm center via broadband as well as the GSM network. By default, this control centre is connected to the alarm centre via broadband as well as the GSM network. For extra security in the event of a power failure, you will also find a battery here. The Vbox can be placed out of sight, in the meter cupboard or something like that.

    A second smaller control panel, the Vbox Mini, is an additional backup control panel and all you have to do is plug it into the wall socket.

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